True Damage - Giants

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True Damage Giants Yorumları

  1. Vanessa Del Ángel :3
    Vanessa Del Ángel :3


  2. NiloxTheGamer NTG
    NiloxTheGamer NTG

    Yasuo was actually singing... But everyone muted him for flaming.

  3. SE K
    SE K

    really good

  4. MatDrag

    I hate that i cant rap part of my main bcs its whole on korean :(

  5. 김리알kim leal
    김리알kim leal

    한국인들이여 영어를 두려워 마라 한국인이 여기있으니

  6. Just Another Random Guy
    Just Another Random Guy

    Yasuo:when can i sing Others: nah u just do the music Yasuo:am i a joke to u

  7. DawnBreaker5

    They should’ve given Soyeon the 2nd half since Becky is the pre-chorus. Did I say this right? 😅

  8. Fatema The Rebel
    Fatema The Rebel

    Honestly thutmose ruined the whole song at one point

  9. Tanjim mim
    Tanjim mim

    Their raps and vocals are so cool 😎

  10. cloudyyskies

    Wait did they put a bit of the POP/STARS rap at the beginning-

  11. Layla Official
    Layla Official

    *report yasuo afk*

  12. Bảo Anh Mạch
    Bảo Anh Mạch

    Vietsub đúng ko zay chủ hề nhiều quá đó

  13. Raj Gameing zone
    Raj Gameing zone

    I think really cool

  14. Raj Gameing zone
    Raj Gameing zone


  15. Łéàgúé õf Łégénđś ĢÅĆHÅ
    Łéàgúé õf Łégénđś ĢÅĆHÅ

    Two Ekko?

  16. Jam_paradise

    (K/DA) Pop Stars- like (True Damage) Giants- comment

  17. Robin Phillips
    Robin Phillips

    Do more!

  18. capucapu loloco
    capucapu loloco

    Im the only one who thinks that Soyeons part was the most regular out of the singers?

  19. Lovingly Intoxicated
    Lovingly Intoxicated

    Duckwrth was the opening artist for Billie Eilish in Tulsa and I attended the concert and he was losing his shit but the crowd wasn’t feeling it except the girl in the mosh pit and next to me. I liked his style of music and took a few videos of his performances.

  20. NepNep Yoshida
    NepNep Yoshida

    Yasuo: *Chat restricted*

  21. Lilith Witch
    Lilith Witch


  22. Shironity

    Everybody is talking about Soyeon and Becky G, but nobody is talking about Yasuo. Hes so cool, and his vocals- UFFF

  23. Anto Channel
    Anto Channel


  24. Guiga Youssef
    Guiga Youssef

    wtf this song the best song Qiyana with senna

  25. Guiga Youssef
    Guiga Youssef

    wtf this song the best song Qiyana with senna

  26. Lia Plum
    Lia Plum

    I am so happy listening Becky´s rap they are so lit

  27. Maka1701 no name can be me
    Maka1701 no name can be me

    wait i am confused why akail in 2 groups did kda break up or something please tell us riot if you have time we know that you are a busy company thanks have a great day

  28. Tito Carl
    Tito Carl

    Finally an accurate lyric video

  29. Jemima Ellis
    Jemima Ellis

    I LOXVE DIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Karen Goudeau
    Karen Goudeau

    I love this song so much its the best

  31. Angels litle peach
    Angels litle peach

    So the other ekko is the ultimate? Because it is five seconds and that part is just five seconds My english is not good but you all get the idea

  32. Roberto Samson
    Roberto Samson

    Bebe Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  33. 당근이

    Yasuo ... no songs

  34. Daily Potato
    Daily Potato

    i love akali

  35. RogAHTaylAH

    Duckwrths voice... Omg

  36. Luzz The ultimate
    Luzz The ultimate

    *trying to rap*

  37. Thư Mikaela
    Thư Mikaela

    Yasuo True Damage Fan: No! Yasuo DJ Fan: Yesss

  38. Aki Nara
    Aki Nara

    Soyeon has so little lines qwq

  39. DNL 13
    DNL 13

    Me gusto la parte de Yasuo

  40. Danyil D Demin
    Danyil D Demin

    best part is thutmoses rap

  41. Maria Alice Silva de Almeida
    Maria Alice Silva de Almeida

    Adoro essa musicaaa

  42. Juan Dzib Alonzo
    Juan Dzib Alonzo


  43. Ramazan O
    Ramazan O

    yassuo and ekko is my favourite

  44. xRurouni

    Before this i didnt even realize becky g sung part of her verse in spanish

  45. x NverEnd
    x NverEnd

    x0.75 is nice as well

  46. Rômulo pratos santo Pratos Santos
    Rômulo pratos santo Pratos Santos

    Que música linda 🤩🤩🙉

  47. chansooly



    The true damage skins are mah favs

  49. Alex Haddad
    Alex Haddad

    mad song aye

  50. Berkay Zararsız
    Berkay Zararsız


  51. Lovely_Jxas V
    Lovely_Jxas V

    I dunno what happen this is gold

  52. IDK

    Keke is killing with the high notes

  53. 무덤괴수

    아칼리 철새였네

  54. ᴛ ɪ ᴍ ᴇ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ
    ᴛ ɪ ᴍ ᴇ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ

    Wow it acctully songs like "Im a God But i acctully dunno"

  55. Matthew Medina
    Matthew Medina

    You shouldve atleast put Yasuos adlibs like: "Alright" at 0:24 "Yeah, yeah" 0:30 I know thut did those but atleast hed have some color time

  56. Mahnoor Fazal
    Mahnoor Fazal

    this is my forever bop like im never gonna get bored of this

  57. Aylen Espeche
    Aylen Espeche

    Porque 2 ekkos? En la segunda de ekko podés aserlo de yasuo :v

  58. Açelya

    Yasuo Misafir Çocuğu Gibi Kalmış Ayıp

  59. 젯Jes

    Im a ML player, but why am I addicted with this song

  60. Ahri

    If your a giant but bigger than giants are you a super giant?

  61. Echoboomer1987

    I love how Yasu is always hanging out in the background whether it’s in the music video or reading a manga on the tour airplane.

  62. ZeDium Y
    ZeDium Y

    That art tho its so mind blowing and inspiring I just love it

  63. midnight spade
    midnight spade

    Dude i have the true damage akali as my profile she has the best skin!!!!

  64. ꧁ αяму_ яєνσlтѕ꧂
    ꧁ αяму_ яєνσlтѕ꧂

    2:11 Its not the singing ekko and Yasuo

  65. Kann Kamiko
    Kann Kamiko

    Hii everyone, I just reacted to this on my channel Its gonna get copyright real good 🤣 lmao so please help me watch it anyway, and SUBSCRIBE to me please.. Help a small youtuber out please~ Id really appreciate it! Thank You ❤️💋

  66. Pon Pom
    Pon Pom

    Report Yasuo afk

  67. sh kor
    sh kor

    Sleeping giants part=soyeon

  68. Mercy

    Im only here for becky g and keke and soyeon

  69. Arcidriche Sd
    Arcidriche Sd

    sin duda le mejor parte es en la que yasuo canta su estrofa

  70. Nexoner 5
    Nexoner 5

    Yasuos light should be on the whole video:(

  71. Kin_ unski
    Kin_ unski


  72. _xXJessica KharolskiXx_
    _xXJessica KharolskiXx_

    I love the part when yasuo....

  73. PixlrEdn

    everyone else got their head in pretty much the same position except yasuo

  74. Karla Hernandez
    Karla Hernandez

    Wait who are Thut and Wrth? Are they two different people who do the same character?

  75. Briggithe Sanchez
    Briggithe Sanchez

    En que momento canta Yasuo? :^

  76. jungkooks jimin
    jungkooks jimin

    Thutmoses rap and also keke and becky harmonizing on the chorus are the best😔💕

  77. Thiago Corecha
    Thiago Corecha

    Nada nos puede parar

  78. J kim재영
    J kim재영

    at 0:25, doesnt Ekko says hang on I aint gonna say this again ? I think the lyrics is missing hang on

  79. castafierce

    Oh get me a boy that raps like that 🥵❤️

  80. Short Scorpio girl
    Short Scorpio girl

    Everyone talking bout Giants And Im here to say Popstar by KDA got me more energetic than this. Although the rap is like fire. But yea. Dont @ me :)

  81. Crumbs of Chip
    Crumbs of Chip

    Accidentally read thot instead of thutmose

  82. sunnct

    LoL really doing cool music i dont play this game (yet) but the song is lit like wow, sad that i didnt hear kekes voice :(

  83. Lucia Gomez
    Lucia Gomez

    Hey Yasuo didnt get a part but I think Duckwrth was Yasuo

  84. Azuki Yoshida
    Azuki Yoshida

    Duckwrth faz o Yasuo porra

  85. Grandpa _Turkz
    Grandpa _Turkz

    1:03 just a treat for myself

  86. Lizzie Hearts
    Lizzie Hearts

    1:06 lol since I used captions I died cause it says "shutting it down banana grandma"

  87. Chaeyeon Park
    Chaeyeon Park

    I love ekko!! I like the way his rap!! So unique. The voices are so good !!

  88. LM Muñoz
    LM Muñoz

    I will be honest, I loved it, my style goes more with KDA so I wouldnt really like to let Akali out of the group, anyways, this song fits her really well

  89. バムバム


  90. Zunni

    that moment you realise add music can be good

  91. marvel story
    marvel story

    D.J YASO SKIN coming trust me

  92. ibrahim ashraf
    ibrahim ashraf

    yasuo have chat restriction feels reported man ;(

  93. Minh Nè
    Minh Nè

    OMG Senna looks like Nicki Minaj LMao

  94. 경주


  95. Nyongtory 19
    Nyongtory 19

    Yasuo: ........

  96. A Kpop Stan
    A Kpop Stan

    So we all just gon ignore keke palmer :/

  97. Zachary L
    Zachary L

    ngl this song is what made me start playing league lOL plz help an ekko main n00b w tips thx xoxo

  98. AkaneKey7

    Cómo cuando me entero de que hay dos Ekko :V

  99. Park Jimin
    Park Jimin

    When my three favorite artists (Keke, Soyeon, Becky G) joined together for LOL and in a same group of TRUE DAMAGE. IT FREAKING KILLED ME!! Like come on, KeKe’s voice!!~~~and DAMN Becky G!!! So like Woah Soyeon!!! *Dead Dead Dead*

  100. Mathuin MC
    Mathuin MC

    Me trying to memorize the song in normal speed Me: Hfjsvkdofjdj jdidosododoj jdidjsjsdj jdososksjjssksksocjskdkdkdjkf 🤣

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