Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me

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Selena Gomez Lose You To Love Me indir, Selena Gomez Lose You To Love Me mp3 indir, Selena Gomez Lose You To Love Me müzik şarkısını yüksek kalitede 7.9 MB boyutunda indirmek için mp3 indir butonuna tıklamanız yeterli. Sitemizde Selena Gomez sanatçısının diğer müziklerini, Selena Gomez Lose You To Love Me şarkı sözünüde de bula bilirsiniz. Selena Gomez sanatçısının yeni çıkan müzik albüm şarkılarından ilk siz haberdar olup dinlemek ve ya indirmek için sitemizi sık sık ziyaret edin. Her hangi bir sorun olursa lütfen eposta adresimizden bize ulaşın...

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  1. SelenaGomezVEVO

    This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.

  2. Natasha Bailey
    Natasha Bailey


  3. Michelle Cruzz
    Michelle Cruzz

    This is one powerful song

  4. Albid Rafin
    Albid Rafin

    This doesnt seem like a song..its like she is reciting poem

  5. Rickee Lange
    Rickee Lange

    Is this about Weekend?

  6. Laughing Dog
    Laughing Dog

    what the one with her dressed up as a teddy on a bed lol

  7. Rickee Lange
    Rickee Lange

    Yall think Tha Weekend wrote this?

  8. donna07dmr

    i went here to clean my ears after listening to yummy

  9. Renas Kurdish
    Renas Kurdish

    ❤️❤️❤️deep ❤️

  10. V Soul
    V Soul

    cute song, full of love

  11. xdxd Suas
    xdxd Suas

    2020... adelante desde ecuador



  13. Nose Jiji
    Nose Jiji

    Esta canción motiva a muchos

  14. Kevin Rios
    Kevin Rios


  15. Nose Jiji
    Nose Jiji

    Ame esta canción ❤️

  16. Geovanni Rendon
    Geovanni Rendon

    Perfectly feel identified with the lyrics. "I needed to lose you to find me"... "I need you to hate you to love me". I believe is something most humans have to go through to find and love themselves.

  17. LittleMissLatvia1

    Id send this to my ex... if he wasnt blocked on all my devices and accounts 🤷‍♀️

  18. Creap Thrills
    Creap Thrills

    Justin: love yourself selena: lose you to love me moral of the story: selena 1 justin 0

  19. Honj Acera
    Honj Acera

    Ya’ll talking about justin . its for “abel”

  20. single mom 89
    single mom 89

    Hey its 2020 Guys could you please take a minute to donate>>>

  21. Nomantamde Platana
    Nomantamde Platana

    I dont have a ex boyfreind but I feel the song when im singing it, but I do have ex crushes.

  22. mani singh
    mani singh

    Who is here after beibers new song video?

  23. Shelby Knott
    Shelby Knott

    When will you act again soon? You’re so talented at expressing emotion. xoxo

  24. Cara Keli
    Cara Keli


  25. tinkies

    the people who disliked this r fans of “Yummy”

  26. Antônia Félix
    Antônia Félix

    Im still cryin with this song

  27. Antônia Félix
    Antônia Félix

    Perfect Selena

  28. Razan

    Who’s here after Yummy song?

  29. Cristina Ro
    Cristina Ro

    Alguien ya se dió cuenta que el número vistas no avanza. Yo la veo todos los días y sigue en los mismos números. Digo, por lo menos que cuenten las que yo veo🙄

  30. music lover
    music lover

    now we know that Selena is the one who has grown up and being mature

  31. NataKryu


  32. Humo Smokehouse
    Humo Smokehouse


  33. Bye

    It’s amazing this was flimed with an iPhone

  34. Singers news
    Singers news

    I love Selena

  35. Jennifer Clements
    Jennifer Clements


  36. IKON De La Cruz
    IKON De La Cruz

    Ok so I just want to say first I love this song and its deep meaning. Selena Gomez youre amazing and beyond the word beautiful. The first time I saw your commercial in October it showed a clip of this video I was in a rehab facility in need of some serious change. I was out of a toxic relationship and as much as i wanted to be there with her i just couldnt because of how tumultuous it was. This reminds me of some things that happened between us. I am now out of rehab and loving myself more than ever without the toxic drugs or people in my life. Im sure my ex is too and that she is better off without me. So thank you for sharing this song with us and pinning your reason behind it. I wish to see you sometine. Ive never heard your music really until I saw that clip @rehab. Much love 🐝 🍯 🌹

  37. Maria Claros
    Maria Claros


  38. Vania gomes santos Gomed santos
    Vania gomes santos Gomed santos

    Aaaaaaaa hit 2020!!

  39. Sad Stories
    Sad Stories

    For the people sayin “came after yummy to clean my ears” go listen this song live then it will change ur mind🤭🤣

  40. Tater tots31
    Tater tots31

    This song is dedicated for my mother, replaced me with my sister....😔

  41. Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber

    *Essa música é um hino alguém em 2020*

  42. Кызай Байкишиева
    Кызай Байкишиева

    Who is here after yummy

  43. Maria Rivera
    Maria Rivera


  44. cherno jallow
    cherno jallow

    What a yummy song😍😍😍😋😋

  45. Gabe Potente
    Gabe Potente

    To love

  46. Gabe Potente
    Gabe Potente

    Love this

  47. Izuaan Abdul salaam
    Izuaan Abdul salaam

    This song is so good ❤️ yummy

  48. Yemelly Gil
    Yemelly Gil

    This is so good Selena and I love it

  49. anna marie millan
    anna marie millan

    I really wish Selena will find someone who deserves her truly and she will fall hard and forget about dumbass beiber

  50. VJ Bentayga
    VJ Bentayga

    It simply shows what a warrior Selena is....Gentlemen, never mess with a womans heart... cause she will find any direction to victory, thats how she did.

  51. Gisele gih
    Gisele gih


  52. enesjesty

    The weeknd to selena : i put you top Selena to justin : i put you first

  53. Norlin Nabilah
    Norlin Nabilah

    i had relationship with one guys for 9 years. then one day we broke up . in two month he found another girl that replace our love . now he already married with that girl . i was broken. its really difficult to move on . it hurt me damn much . i just hope that one day i will learn how to love again .

  54. Lysia Xiong
    Lysia Xiong

    I like how this song pops up when I search up Justin Bieber 🙂

  55. cherno jallow
    cherno jallow


  56. Tera Shaw
    Tera Shaw

    I love this song 😘😍

  57. Shook -
    Shook -

    bru hear dis shit every time on the radio.

  58. vicky heldi
    vicky heldi

    justin : im gonna release sorry selena : ok its been 4 years, so imma release lose you to love me justin : im mature now, you cant do anything again to me * release yummy🤢 *

  59. Abc Def
    Abc Def

    Justin,,,,,,, youre in two months you Replaced us like it was easy made me think deserved 😥😢😧😧😧😃😩😩😩😩😱😱😱

  60. Nell Devries
    Nell Devries

    im reading the comments and im just like "lmao you all are so weird"

  61. ْ َ
    ْ َ

    Who else came here to clean his eyes after watching yukky!

  62. tiffany curtis
    tiffany curtis


  63. kakikiwi 34
    kakikiwi 34

    le clip est nul mais la chanson pas dégueu mais cest quand même très répétitif mais cest simpa cool

  64. A_Goddess :3
    A_Goddess :3

    Oh my gosh I feel so bad for her. But I honestly think her leaving Justin was better for both of them. Justins living his best life with Hailey, and shes making beautiful songs for herself

  65. Mous Fatiha
    Mous Fatiha

    Her voice🧚‍♀️ she is so beautiful 😍❤

  66. Ayisha

    I found this song at an important moment of my life. She helped me break off a toxic relationship on New Year’s Eve.

  67. bert Kim lee
    bert Kim lee

    Whos doing it like selena.. 😍😍

  68. Aryan Gurung
    Aryan Gurung

    SG :lose u to love me jB:yummy

  69. Fatoumata Sacko
    Fatoumata Sacko

    She has the most prettiest voice to every song I listened to her

  70. Rafael Neves
    Rafael Neves

    5 dias para o Rare, quem está ansioso? 🇧🇷💖

  71. macaron mac
    macaron mac

    I love you selina

  72. Soraya Rios
    Soraya Rios


  73. Nguyen Nguyen
    Nguyen Nguyen

    Has Justin listened this song ever?

  74. Dulce Velazquez
    Dulce Velazquez

    Like si crees que esta cancion expresa sentimientos

  75. Paulina Rios
    Paulina Rios

    Te amo Selena😍😍😍 vales muchísimo, eres la mejor, y siempre serás la más hermosa😍

  76. Jack Cumore
    Jack Cumore

    Iove selina. And hate. Hate haily who still. People. Lovers

  77. Andrexlike

    Por algo esta cancion la produjo el hermano de billie❤

  78. daniela elish
    daniela elish

    I love you so much Selena

  79. Derricklawayne

    I love this because this music is about healing.

  80. Raisa Azmir
    Raisa Azmir

    Actually she showed her feelings to Justin.How she feel herself after losing him. Ok now its all goodbye its goodbye for us

  81. Dien Tue
    Dien Tue

    Where is Justin Bieber now😐😐??

  82. Tokie Ayos
    Tokie Ayos check out my cover

  83. Ale Pataki
    Ale Pataki

    I needed to lost you to love me

  84. ハローマールバラ


  85. Ayeza Ahmed
    Ayeza Ahmed

    Self love is the best💕

  86. Dark Moon
    Dark Moon

    Secondo me meglio che non è fidanzata con quel zaurdo di Justin Bieber. Ma poi, se fosse stata fidanzata con lui, non avrebbe potuto fare questa canzone 🤔

  87. Irene Vinuesa
    Irene Vinuesa

    Check it

  88. Ol Melqonyan
    Ol Melqonyan


  89. A akash
    A akash


  90. Mutiara Indah
    Mutiara Indah


  91. joseph jose
    joseph jose

    click like for bieber yummy to flop .. 👍 . 👍. 👍

  92. sara bretsy
    sara bretsy


  93. Grape Apple
    Grape Apple

    Guys, Can i fall in love with my brother in law niece?

  94. VIDEOS


  95. VIDEOS

    Te amo demasiado

  96. Luis Vega
    Luis Vega

    Amazing Selena

  97. Mickey Kitty
    Mickey Kitty

    My comment will be here but not me...........

  98. 50 subs before 2020 February challenge ?
    50 subs before 2020 February challenge ?

    I told all my friend I have 50 subscriber and tomorrow he will come in my house and see if I have I promised him pls help me

  99. Annabelle Jackson
    Annabelle Jackson

    One of the views is Justin Bieber 👀👀

  100. 90 subscribers before 2020 February? ?
    90 subscribers before 2020 February? ?


  101. Maya k
    Maya k

    So...I used to a very big fan of Justin beiber and still kina am and always be on his side but this song hits different and i litrally started tearing up and just remember how cute they where man its hard too see, both are hard working and both must be respected for that so its better not to hate

  102. Taejin94 BTS
    Taejin94 BTS

    Amo amo 💜

  103. Sharky Styzzi
    Sharky Styzzi

    Whos seeing this and Crying 🙂?.

  104. Hassan El bezzar
    Hassan El bezzar

    im a justin bieber fan but this level is too high Selena win... respect

  105. l

    Yummy is a meth song

  106. Charlotte Rose
    Charlotte Rose

    Perfection - this song, the video, selenas voice, the lyrics...and thank you for making this! this song helped me heal!!

  107. Renata Lopes
    Renata Lopes

    hitmaker 💜💜

  108. Valentina Cuevas
    Valentina Cuevas

    Te amo 😍

  109. Josette Daniels
    Josette Daniels

    Yeah go selena ur a good singer

  110. Isemene Yan
    Isemene Yan

    I love you 😍😘

  111. Sam Moren
    Sam Moren

    when she said " I needed to lose you to love me" I cried

  112. Adriana Rubio
    Adriana Rubio

    La amoooo♡

  113. Rose a
    Rose a

    Selena you are such a lovable person ❤

  114. Love Billie
    Love Billie

    Elle me fait penser à la meuf dans insatiable 🥺😍

  115. Drop Top Bass ツ DTB
    Drop Top Bass ツ DTB

    But... 1:15 ... this moment😍🤤

  116. tashie periodt
    tashie periodt

    can we just talk about how she is still isn’t over him like i love her and all but like girl get over him he’s wasn’t worth it

  117. melanie deuchestland
    melanie deuchestland


  118. Meenal Ahmad
    Meenal Ahmad

    i don’t understand why everyone’s like oh “ Selena: i needed to lose u to find me and Justin: yummy yum” like justin’s married and has moved on justin’s not gonna keep going back to his past he’s moved forward and so has selena (my opinion)

  119. Touta

    Привет 😂 круто 👌

  120. Alfonsomanzano Manzano
    Alfonsomanzano Manzano

    She sarted crying but now shes laughing ( Good to Hear)

  121. Alfonsomanzano Manzano
    Alfonsomanzano Manzano

    Why nobody is talking about How good and beatiful the song is ?

  122. Howdoik

    I finally realized something.Lose you to and then to the part two month u replaced us.Well isnt that revenge for losing them???

  123. Санек • Саньковый
    Санек • Саньковый

    New most liked comment is coming..

  124. nanako 821
    nanako 821


  125. Clara Alves
    Clara Alves

    Love you sososo much

  126. Bridget 2
    Bridget 2

    You guys know she also dated the weeknd right? Stop making it all about Justin and sending hate towards him thats not the right way

  127. naobi maibam
    naobi maibam

    I can feel the pain just from watching her

  128. Bruno Medeiros
    Bruno Medeiros

    Muito boa!

  129. Kaylyn Kaster
    Kaylyn Kaster

    This also goes for toxic family relationships and friendships too

  130. dinara bekchanova
    dinara bekchanova

    Sooo beautiful 💞💞💞

  131. poso3

    Im here from only 1 million likes on the comment by selena gomez

  132. dinara bekchanova
    dinara bekchanova

    Love you so much 😭

  133. Britt Da Baddie
    Britt Da Baddie


  134. Naldo Trinidad
    Naldo Trinidad

    Stop suffering fucking bitch and love yourself

  135. Candice Sarah
    Candice Sarah

    “Set fire to my purpose, and I let it burn” “You got that yummy yummy yummy” ....nuff said

  136. фут спорт
    фут спорт


  137. caio alves
    caio alves


  138. caio alves
    caio alves


  139. caio alves
    caio alves



    She can get a reward for likes on a comment.

  141. Fortnite Account
    Fortnite Account

    just dont talk about Justin Bieber friends anymore, she doesnt care anymore, she is a warrior and she didnt show it over the years all that shame, tears and deception, she wants overcome so, do not comment on anything other than the song since, she is returned 🔥

  142. Alfred Martinez
    Alfred Martinez

    She went & fucked the weeknd went back to Justin she lost her value after that. Thats why he moved on to better

  143. Elisabeth Sargent
    Elisabeth Sargent

    I cant stop listening to this! It hits me in all the feels. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing this. All my love to you!

  144. iipeachyiixo

    I love how she isn’t afraid of showing her emotions. She’s a great singer and a great role model for her younger fans/viewers. This song is absolutely Amazing. But the song ‘Yummy’ That JB released was horrific. The Words Didn’t Make sense to the song titled ‘yummy’ but this is is winning. I’m so proud of Selena. Keep doing what your doing and don’t let anyone stop you. Your a incredible Woman who can show her opinions and her opinions.

  145. axt ire
    axt ire


  146. Cy Latte
    Cy Latte


  147. Renan Takahashi Meira
    Renan Takahashi Meira

    RARE is coming this week yallll!!!

  148. World


  149. World


  150. mave alb
    mave alb

    Merece o mundo mas o mundo não merece ela

  151. mave alb
    mave alb

    Perfeita e choca um total de 0 pessoas

  152. mave alb
    mave alb

    Selena rainha e ngm discorda

  153. Adrinescence C
    Adrinescence C

    Came here to clean my ears from yummy yummy yummy



  155. Cabelos Coloridos
    Cabelos Coloridos


  156. Aisha wanjiru
    Aisha wanjiru

    Key to unlock happiness is self love and this what Selena is telling us✨❤️

  157. Ducky MoMo
    Ducky MoMo

    This is what real talent is.

  158. SUN Flower
    SUN Flower

    Blah Blah Blah

  159. sucharitha addanki
    sucharitha addanki

    Which is better🤔❤ Like: Lose you to love me Comment: Let me love you

  160. Fatmanur Ordu
    Fatmanur Ordu

    I love this song by Selena Gomez.Because: this song is written with a very nice heart.Every time I listen to this song, I can feel how much it hurts.Thanks for getting us this song.

  161. Jailey_Justin Biebers news
    Jailey_Justin Biebers news

    Your voice 🤢🤢🤢🤢I cant end this video

  162. Ramon Castillo
    Ramon Castillo

    Yeah you got YUMmy YUMmy YUMmy Ooohhh sorry wrong song😬😬

  163. Irai Pobe
    Irai Pobe

    I love you selena gomez i would kill my parents for you i am just 10

  164. Cibele Cebiale
    Cibele Cebiale

    Es mejor vomitarlo

  165. E D N A
    E D N A

    Hey guys I made a cover of Lose you to love me, I’d love to know what you think 💞💞

  166. viva a natureza
    viva a natureza

    Vamos lá galera 210 milhões é pouco vem 1 bilhão

  167. Clecio Santos
    Clecio Santos

    I could have easily tattooed this song lyrics in my back cause it really describes how my last relationship used to be.

  168. Tara Bajic
    Tara Bajic


  169. yanissa .1407
    yanissa .1407

    Always stay strong love u selena my exemple 😭♥🙏 #selenagomez2020

  170. jasmyne artis
    jasmyne artis

    The fact she is still hurting and he has moved on like nothing ever happened 🤦‍♀️

  171. Livia Gliz
    Livia Gliz

    This song brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to this, I honestly love this song🥺❤️

  172. xWhite

    Обгонем этого лысова?

  173. zehra osmanovic
    zehra osmanovic

    😭💔Im so broke😭💔

  174. Sara of Isla
    Sara of Isla

    *"i needed to hate you to love me"*  *"in two months you replaced us"* ugh this song hits you right in the feels💔 i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute

  175. 100.000 тысяч подписчиков Без видео
    100.000 тысяч подписчиков Без видео

    Признавайтесь кто от ЮЧа (Ютуб что там)

  176. Wando Alvin
    Wando Alvin


  177. VovanPlayGammer

    2011 Love You Like A Love Song 2019 Lose You To Love Me

  178. Влад

    Признавайтесь кто от ЮТУБ ЧТО ТАМ =)

  179. Dave Soutar
    Dave Soutar

    Personally Id love a stripped back version. Too much editing/slicing the words together. Listen to the song on 0.75. (Probably 0.85 speed would be perfect). I just think its too quick for a heart felt ballad.

  180. iamEZRE4L

    Can i share my tears?😭

  181. Jonathan Biebs
    Jonathan Biebs


  182. Yuna Agita
    Yuna Agita

    You are soo beautiful Selena, how could you waste your time with that dirt bag? But at least its over now - FOREVER ❤️

  183. ALESSY

    Please check this special cover version on my channel guys <3 !!!!

  184. LDC LDC
    LDC LDC Help him pls❤

  185. I am Ann Vlogs
    I am Ann Vlogs

    Whos here after justin release his album? This is the song with an emotion and not like chillin 🔥💞

  186. Настя Решетникова
    Настя Решетникова


  187. Настя Решетникова
    Настя Решетникова


  188. Настя Решетникова
    Настя Решетникова

  189. Настя Решетникова
    Настя Решетникова

  190. Alina Swift
    Alina Swift

    This is so soft and soothing, it just makes you feel all types of emotions while yummy is... what can I even say?

  191. Nightwing 08
    Nightwing 08

    Sorry about the pain you had to experience and endured. Nevertheless, hopefully you remember the infatuation you shared with each other and good times. Hold on to the good memories and forgive. Love him from a far regardless because no matter what you guys are who you are now because of what you shared; playing a major role in each others lives. Great song though.

  192. Mari Katty
    Mari Katty

    I really love this yet I keep thinking why she keeps looking back as if shes looking if someone was there?

  193. Dоминант ツ
    Dоминант ツ

    SethEverman vs Selena Gomez

  194. Jenna Stevens
    Jenna Stevens

    *Justin Bieber has left the chat*

  195. Bamboo Santos
    Bamboo Santos

    💞Selenas smile is my everything💞

  196. Geraldin Rodriguez
    Geraldin Rodriguez

    Selena es mi favorita ..

  197. fire speet
    fire speet

    I feel this song is talk they dont love me already means

  198. Jay Dawg Arsenault
    Jay Dawg Arsenault

    My 2019 Pop Song of the Year. A number one for Selena Gomez, her first in the states in the last fall of the 2010s!

  199. Anthony Serrano
    Anthony Serrano

    the fact that they shot this on an iPhone 11 Pro is just astounding

  200. Susey X
    Susey X

    LA AMO! te odio Justin !!

  201. Ifrah Mahad
    Ifrah Mahad


  202. Hanifadzly

    This song give me goosebump

  203. andyatuvic

    The Weekend: Guess I was just another pit stop til you made up your mind. Justin: Yummy yummy.

  204. Bri Andoll
    Bri Andoll

    Woah I’ve never seen 1 million likes on a comment before.

  205. Parsa Hashim
    Parsa Hashim

    I love self love songs and this is among the most heart touching and goosebump giving. Love it!

  206. HackMe Hacked
    HackMe Hacked

    Кто от ЮЧ? Я тут пришел поставить лайк;)!

  207. mac palen
    mac palen


  208. campbell GamePlay
    campbell GamePlay

    Des fan français ?

  209. Gustavo Galindo
    Gustavo Galindo

    Justin Bieber

  210. Elizabeth Sandoval
    Elizabeth Sandoval

    When she says "in two months you replaced us" That hit deep 1:31

  211. Katheryn Mazul
    Katheryn Mazul

    "Is it to late now to say sorry?" Sorry so sorry

  212. N C
    N C

    Esta canción me está ayudando a sanar. Que grande es Selena

  213. Treasure Sekr
    Treasure Sekr


  214. pepper mint
    pepper mint

    All her different expressions, she looks bewildered in some of them. Thats Narcissists and their Gas Lighting.

  215. Celine Huang
    Celine Huang

    is it just me or is the opening of this song is similar to "Dont Get Me Wrong" by Lewis Capaldi?

  216. Sweetener

    I listened to this song an unhealthy amount of times......I still love it 🖤🖤

  217. WinterBeauty_345

    Thank God I can cleanse my ears with this song and “Look at her Now”. I’m excited to listen to Rare! 👏🏼 This is Selena’s year, and we all know Justin is trying to rain on her parade. Not happening.

  218. Joey Torres
    Joey Torres

    I’m sorry Heather😔🖤

  219. caio alves
    caio alves

    Eu te amo quero logo rare❤

  220. Breeze More
    Breeze More

    Absolutely beautiful song thank you 🙏🏻

  221. caio alves
    caio alves


  222. caio alves
    caio alves

    300 M❤

  223. Mr QWERTY

    Ты от ютуб чё там? Я прав?

  224. Elias S
    Elias S


  225. Elias S
    Elias S


  226. Elias S
    Elias S


  227. Elias S
    Elias S

    Com essa música ,olha o estado que fico 💔😭

  228. Anna Iskandar
    Anna Iskandar

    a beautiful lyrics

  229. mr.ukulenko

    Афигеть!!! У Селены миллион лайков на коменте!!

  230. Officially Tati
    Officially Tati

    I’m speechless... and never have I felt this in me. I never went through the situation that Selena’s in right now but... I feel it and it’s strong.😶👏👏

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    You promised the world and I fell for it I put you first and you adored it Set fires to my forest And you let it burn Sang off-key in my chorus Cause it wasnt yours I saw the signs and I ignored it Rose-colored glasses all distorted Set fire to my purpose And I let it burn You got off on the hurtin When it wasnt yours, yeah Wed always go into it blindly I needed to lose you to find me This dance, it was killing me softly I needed to hate you to love me, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah I needed to lose you to love me, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah I needed to lose you to love me I gave my all and they all know it Then you tore me down and now its showing In two months, you replaced us Like it was easy Made me think I deserved it In the thick of healing, yeah Wed always go into it blindly I needed to lose you to find me This dance, it was killing me softly I needed to hate you to love me, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah I needed to lose you to love me, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah I needed to lose you to love me You promised the world and I fell for it I put you first and you adored it Set fires to my forest And you let it burn Sang off-key in my chorus To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah I needed to hate you to love me, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah I needed to lose you to love me To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah And now the chapter is closed and done To love, love, yeah To love, love, yeah To love, yeah And now its goodbye, its goodbye for us

  356. Mario Ramón Mendoza
    Mario Ramón Mendoza

    I get carried away by his sensitivity to write the poem in my book WOMEN IN A VERSE, my goal is that my inspiration reaches its maximum flight on July 22. Congratulations Selena Gomez for continuing with your beautiful voice winning hearts. You already learned that everything in life happens. Happy 2020 year.

  357. Beyleen Sahgs
    Beyleen Sahgs

    Me: listening to JBs song yummy Also me: *searching for Selenas song* For me, theyre both good but still this is Selenas year and this song is just so good, very emotional and people can relate, while yummy song? Hm? I dont think so.

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  367. Life is once. l like humour.
    Life is once. l like humour.

    That guy acts like the most dedicated Christian celebrity ever yet wont have a single empathy for Selena and post publicly long weeding love letter on ig, marries twice etc. I mean its his wish but he knows she is clearly hurting and it had not even been FEW months later. He could have sent a personal love letter to his wife, and all those publicity stuffs.

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    Saurav Malay

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  370. J


  371. J


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  378. LÉO DO ST


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    my life is trash

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  408. fortnite feaver 101
    fortnite feaver 101

    I love the song it helps me so much and helps others as well keep doing what ur doing and good job

  409. Melissa Siqueira
    Melissa Siqueira

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  413. angelica acosta
    angelica acosta

    This song is amazing and deep... Selena has gone through so much mot only relationship wise ,but health wise she is an inspiration for those struggling, emotionally and physically and i adore her. God bless❤

  414. Evelyn Madera
    Evelyn Madera

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  421. Raphaella Cliquet
    Raphaella Cliquet

    Who is here after “Rare” finally debuted? 😊❤️

  422. Elvia Olvera
    Elvia Olvera

    This is my absolute favorite song by Selena. It’s crazy how much she has grown up and matured from all she has been through. Other people just keep on going being stupid forever. But Selena will inspire.

  423. Abigail Aguilar
    Abigail Aguilar


  424. Reegan Roy
    Reegan Roy

    Guys Im a Belieber and i dont hate even a single artist and i love to share that whenever there is a breakup everyone says 100% the fault is male and i Love to say maybe there is atleast 1% of female fault so dont hate anyone please and i wish "Rare" to be grand success and i love selena too and as Justin said i sent love to all the Justin haters and i wish really all them success in every possible way. -Love,Beliebers.

  425. Clayton Kisela
    Clayton Kisela

    Sure helped me, think outside of the psycology text with the 4 stages of loosing someone (friendship,lover, or death). Denial (its my fault), shock (what did i do wrong), hatred (i will skin them alive aka or in general anger), and finally Healing.... grief is heartbreaking, we adore ya S.G.

  426. S. S.
    S. S.


  427. Kara GSD
    Kara GSD

    We should all be thankful to Justin, she is so strong because of him💕

  428. Maheen T
    Maheen T

    “In two moths u replaced us like it was easy” I felt that

  429. Maheen T
    Maheen T

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